Bear Watchin N Socializin

I have only been here in the Grand Tetons for just over two weeks and I feel like I have been here forever. I have people see me or my car and pull over to talk. Yesterday a couple pulled up to tell me I gave them good advice a few days prior about places to photograph and see. Stuff like that happens all the time. I talk to everyone and tell them good places to see bear or other wildlife which they are usually pretty successful. The other night I got dinner with a couple from Colorado which was fun. I met them a few days earlier and told them a few places they must see before leaving and they loved the spots. It was their last day in the park and they gave me a bunch of food they didn’t want to take back with them so I have been eating pretty good lately.

I also have been talking to other photographers and I have been learning a lot from them. People always ask me if I am a professional and I tell them no but I have sold more than a lot of people who claim to be. I need a lot of work with landscape photography and even wildlife. It might just be the lens so I bought a new one yesterday which I should get in about a week. Everyone is really nice out here but I met these two really great guys who I shot with a few times, Chuck and Leo. They let me crash at their campsite one night which was nice because I didn’t have to take the 4 mile gravel road out to the national forest. Leo let me borrow his 100-400 lens while we shot some woodpeckers feeding their babies so I could try it out before I bought it. Got some great shots.

There is a group of us that are out every day or at least most days photographing and shooting video of the wildlife. I know just about everyone and we spend a lot of time watching for bears that may never show so, its good to have people to talk to. Some of the people have been out every day for the last two months getting photos and video. Mostly of 610 and 399 but if the phone rings with info on a wolf you can bet we’ll be racing to the scene. I have yet to see a wolf but with all the time I am putting in, my time is coming.

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