Cascade Canyon: Take Two

So today I decided that I would go back to Cascade Canyon to try and get some good shots of the Pika. As I walked to where the boat departs I saw this chipmunk posing for me. And then a butterfly. I took the boat across instead of walking the two miles and and started my hike later in the day. I didn’t really prepare much but this time I took more photo gear and less food and water. In fact, I didn’t take any food and assumed there was still plenty of water in my Camelbak to make the trip. I ran out of water within the first mile but decided to continue on anyways. Pika like to hang out in rocky areas and there were many along the trail. I kept saying to myself only one more rockslide area and one more turned into two which turned into three which eventually turned into about 2.5 miles back into the canyon. Luckily the huckleberries were in full force and I probably ate a quart of them… no joke.They were not all ripe but ripe enough to taste awesome. I probably had about 30 handfuls and some were bigger than above. The first photos of the hike were of a chipmunk. Much different looking in color than any I have seen in Wisconsin. And the only big animal I saw was a bull moose who was not going to get up for me. I did get some great landscape shots again.

I stopped at a spot to pick some more huckleberries and the coolest moth or butterfly landed on my tripod.I wasn’t the only one out picking huckleberries but I think I was the most proficient. These people were so happy to find a group of huckleberries but little did they know they passed many really plentiful bushes. I continued on and sat at one spot for a while where I saw a pika but it didn’t want to come back out. I took a few more shots along the way back to meet up with the boat.

And the shot I wish I would have had from my hike two days ago. Jenny Lake.I was not planning on photographing Hidden Falls but wound up doing it anyways. I did it because it was overcast, otherwise it would have been completely blown out.One thing I didn’t mention is I did this whole hike in my Rainbows… a leather flip flop. I cannot even tell you how many people commented on it. The last guy I encountered on the trail said, “Flip-flops! Really! You got to be kidding me.” I said, “What? It was a short hike.” Little did he know I probably went further than he was going to go that day. Most people can hardly make it up to Inspiration Point, a 1 mile hike from the dock. There is a lot of elevation gain over that mile and I have a lot of respect for some of the people I seen trying to make it there today. I bet many of them didn’t make it. I got back to the car and cut off a piece of sausage and had it sitting on my cooler while I guzzled down some water. A woman commented on my sausage and I offered her some so we sat around talking and watching the storm roll in. It was a pretty sever lightning storm. Good ending to another fun Teton hike.

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