So I have been parking at a new spot with my buddy Bernie and it is not exactly a designated camping spot or one that we probably should be camping at. However, Bernie has been woken up by rangers there who asked if he was alright and then they just left after he said he was fine. Then the next night when I camped there with him two different rangers passed by but did not care we were there. I have been camping there for about a week now, most nights with Bernie, and we have not been bothered at all. One morning I woke up, looked out my window, and saw a bear jam caused by 610 and her cubs. I am sure one of these night one of us will be woken up by wildlife. I told Bernie I was going to rub peanut butter all over his car after he goes to sleep. Anyway, yesterday morning we awoke to two fresh piles of bear scat that were not there when we pulled in. I think we are in the right spot for sleeping and spotting the bears. The following photo was taken the morning of the fresh scat. It was a beautiful day.

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