Today was a good day as far as wildlife viewing and photography are concerned. Blue skies and warm temperatures covered the northern end of Grand Teton National Park as rain, snow, wind and sleet took care of the southern half for the majority of the day. Warmer temperatures got animals in the park moving. Yesterday a grizzly, more than likely 399, and cubs was spotted near Black Tail Bute. Reliable sources confirmed that it was actually a bear which got many photographers and videographers amped up to find her, including me. I put on over 200 miles looking for her and other wildlife in the park today and here is what I found in chronological order.
A butt shot of a big mule deer. I didn’t feel like waiting around for a head shot, there were bears to find.
I decided to head north where I could look out over the overlooks glassing for the bears and shot this at Ansel Adams famous Snake River Overlook.

I started to take some pictures of the famous Ox Bow Bend but that was short lived because the swans were more interesting.

It is nice because in winter no one is on the roads in the park and you can just stop in the middle of the road anywhere and have a conversation with someone. After getting the latest news from Tom in the middle of the road by Willow Flats I headed north to see what Jim was finding. Jim was heading south on the main road and after seeing each other we both locked up the breaks and slid far past each others windows. After backing up, Jim told me about a good spot north of Moran Junction, Buffalo Valley Rd. Our conversation was short because a plow was bearing down on him on his side of the road. I headed to BVR which was very scenic but I guess what isn’t around these parts.
I started to head south after the scenic detour and found some bison crossing the road. They surrounded a family in their van.
Shadow Mountain is where I spent many nights this summer and especially fall so I have to post a shot of that.
Jim called and said there was a flock of Cedar Waxwings and I have always wanted to see them because they’re so colorful. Today was the day but the lighting was awful. There were was also a cow and calf right behind where we were parked. They wanted nothing to do with us.

There was some good light on the Sleeping Indian so a photo was a must. Quite happy with the way it turned out.
Last effort of the day was searching for wolves. The first pullout there were no wolves but some swans buzzed right over Jim and my heads.
And finally all light was gone. No wolves or bear were found. Disappointing but a good day none the less.

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