Wolf Days of February

I have never seen so many wolves in my life as I have this month. In the last two days I have seen 22 or 23 wolves here in Yellowstone. Today alone I saw 17 or 18 wolves in three different packs, Lamar Pack, Canyon Pack, and Molly Pack, along with one lone wolf. I watched seven wolves from the Molly Pack hunt a buffalo, singling out one of the buffalo and separating it from the rest of the group. It was not a easy task and two of the wolves got launched into the air by an angry bison. The pursuit was intense but the bison came out victorious. A few miles down the road I came across an elk kill. There were many people lined up at the kill waiting for the wolves to show up but since the carcass was move from where the car hit it down the road a quarter mile, the wolves hadn’t found it yet. I got lucky and was first to see the wolves come out of the woods where the elk was hit and got some nice shots.

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