Earlier this year my buddy Jim was talking about going on a flight to get areal video of where the bears were. I told him that I would pay half to go with because I wanted to get some areal photos of the Tetons. Jim’s brother wanted Jim to get some areal photos or video of a ice face he was planning on climbing next winter with a group. Jim’s brother paid for the whole thing and Jim took me up with him. It was an old Cessna that smelled like a auto repair shop. We hopped in and Mike, the pilot, fired up the engine and we were off in a flash. We had blue skies, calm winds overhead and we were thinking it would be a great day for a flight. We had to go about 40 miles east up the Gros Ventre wilderness to The Wind River Range where the ice climb is on a mountain called Square Top. It was a pretty flight until it wasn’t.

It started to snow just as we approached the mountain. When Jim opened the window to get video I could not breathe for a few seconds after being blasted by the cold, snowy air. It was like when you walk outside on a brisk winter morning and the wind steals your breath for a few seconds. It was a cold, cold blast. I caught my breath and started snapping shots. Jim got his video and I took some photos through the window and a few while holding my camera out the window. It was too cramped to look through the viewfinder so most didn’t turn out so well.

I would like to go on some more flights but next time either take the doors off the plane or sit up front. The back seat is less than ideal for photographing. It was fun seeing the area from the air that I have tens of thousands of miles driving around but my photos did not turn out the best. I cannot wait till it warms up and I can do it again!


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