Driving at Night

There is nothing I hate more about road trips than driving at night. It’s not just that more drunks are out, deer are out committing suicide and my typical battle with drowsiness. There are other reasons too like High Beams, missed sights, low visibility, and difficulty finding a place to sleep for the night.

I hate it when people do not dim their brights and refuse to do so after I flash them. It is a little nerve racking when you see deer along the road every few miles throughout Wyoming, South Dakota and Wisconsin. It is difficult to see deer if one were to pop up in between me and the other car, both shining lights at one another. Also it’s pretty easy to overdrive your lights when the speed limit is 75mph. I typically let a big semi pass and then follow close behind it. It is difficult for me to not go the speed limit or speed, especially when using a GPS. It drives me crazy to see the ETA get later and later.

Also when driving at night you do not see the sights. There are a lot of neat statues, land features, and sites along the way that you miss under the cover of darkness. Also when it is dark it’s not as easy to find a place to sleep. Sometimes if you are not careful you will wake up at the end of someones long driveway, on private property, or be forced to sleep in a less than ideal place.

Still the biggest thing I worry about are running into deer, bear, elk and especially moose. Moose are massive and they are dark colored and their eyes do not reflect, at least not that I have noticed. I’ve almost hit a few. On Village road that leads into Grand Teton National Park six moose were killed this winter along a two mile stretch from people going way too fast. It is frustrating because moose populations are already dwindling with the increasing grizzly and wolf populations. Soon there will not be a moose to see in Jackson Hole. That will be a sad day. If you come to Grand Teton National Park make sure you do not speed for our wildlife’s sake.

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