Little Corn Island

Its a pretty rainy day here on Little Corn Island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. I woke to a hot room at 4:24 in the morning because the power was out so my fan was off. Chickens were just starting to make some noise and rain was just starting to trickle down. From 4:24 on I didn’t get much sleep because the rain was pounding down on my tin roof of Three Brothers Hotel I was staying at. At 7:07 I finally got out of bed and headed down the the dock to meet Captain Willie, the young captain that was going to take my friend Andrew and I out fishing.

I got to the Corn Islands about a week ago via plane and a small boat trip. I was going to take a bus a boar and another boat but I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and two or three days of travel to save 100 bucks. I booked my flight at 9am that morning from Leon and had to take a series of taxis and busses to make it to the airport by noon. While I was standing in line to check in I saw Hannah and Andrew, two people I met in Granada who were also heading to Little Corn Island. The three of us spent most the week together diving, swimming, hiking around the island and just relaxing. We did a few dives together. One of the dives was 16 miles off shore and most of us were feeling pretty seasick. Hannah by far had the worst of it. I am surprised she didn’t puke because she sure looked like she was going to. Once in the water though things were fine. We saw a huge school of barracuda, sharks, rays, eagle rays, and lots of colorful fish. The is a pretty nice spot to dive. The island is pretty small and there is not a single bar on it that I would consider a party spot. Anywhere on the island can be reached in under thirty minutes. The beaches are beautiful and the people are very friendly. Most people here speak Creole, regular English, and Spanish and are of African decent. Very chill place and one that ranks up there on the list of places I would return to in the future.

Because it was raining and the lightning was right over us this morning we decided to postpone the trip for noon. It’s almost noon and time to head out. Hopefully I do not get seasick.

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