This is a post I wrote about two months ago but I haven’t been motivated lately to put anything up. My excuse was I was behind in the photos I wanted to include in the posts because I had so many. Now I am putting it up without photos for now.

Pull leaver, push seat forward. Roll black Osprey Backpack between craves of front and rear seat. Fold yellow Thermarest NeoAir mattress over Osprey Backpack. Lay out sleeping bag. Enter through side door butt first. Remove shoes. Get into cannon ball position bringing in feet. Reach out, grab shoes and smack on rear tire removing soils before brining them into the car for the night…

It sure doesn’t feel like its been six months since I last slept in my car. Everything still seems natural from the over one-hundred days I slept in my car last summer. There were other options for the night but I was really looking forward to spending the night in my car. That sounds strange but there is a reason for everything.

Today I woke up at the normal time, 7:00, planning to call in sick for work. I told my boss I had the shits. Who questions that? This is the first time I have ever called in sick without being deathly ill but, it was necessary. Last week I told my boss that I needed Thursday off to move. Since I was working five days a week and all the other photographers who normally only work four days were getting bumped down to three, I didn’t think he would have a problem dropping me down to four since he was in the middle of making the schedule anyways. Apparently he didn’t like that idea so I was forced to call in sick. There was a little tension the day before and I told him that he could give me the day off or I was going to call in sick. I had to sort all my stuff to go to three different locations. There is the stuff I am keeping in my storage unit, the stuff that goes back to and will stay in Wisconsin and the stuff that is going to Nicaragua for a month with me. Its not like I just could throw it in a bin and store it. It would be bad if something got into the wrong pile and I didn’t have it when I needed it. Especially because it all is going to be thousands of miles apart. On top of packing I had to clean my apartment which wound up taking till about 3:30 when all was said and done.

As soon as I hit the main highway after finishing the move, an unbelievable happiness came over me. It is a phenomenal feeling that I normally get when I realize I have complete freedom to go wherever I want, sleep wherever I want, do whatever I want and not know where I am going to wind up that night. There is a sense of adventure. Adventure of the unknown. The spots I normally sleep are all still burred in snow so I had to try a new spot by Slide Lake. On the way there the clouds were looking good so I found a spot to photograph sunset. It was still a hour away but I didn’t have anything else to do so I waited. I would never have got to see it had I had a place in town or even if I had a place out here. Doubt I would’ve gone outside to photograph it. But tonight, under these amazing circumstances, I did. It was incredible. Normally a sunsets best light only lasts for about a minute. Tonight it lasted over fifteen. I am forced to stay outdoors shooting until poor lighting forces me to stop. Besides 7 is too early to call in a night when sleeping in a car.


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