I have been having some really good photography opportunities while working at Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris over the last two weeks. Here are some images while at work, and some that were out of work.
Cubs of 610 playing above.
Bison in Antelope Flats during a good lightning storm below.

Northern Lights could be seen a few days ago due to a pretty intense solar storm.
During a tour last week I we got really lucky and had this bison swim right across the river in front of us. It was really neat to see and something I have wanted to see and photograph for some time. Right place, right time.

And of course the big a beautiful Yellowstone Lake above.
It is nice the black bears are starting to make an appearance again. This cub was digging for grubs with its sibling and mom right next to the road a few days ago. Roadside bears are becoming more and more frequent here in Jackson Hole because it is almost like a refuge from the big bores that want to kill them.
And last but not least, above is a great horned owl. Largest owl here in the Tetons. I have no idea how someone spotted this 50 yards off the road in low light. It was an amazing spot.


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