Last week I returned from a trip with some fellow artists to go and photograph arctic animals. We were searching for arctic fox, polar bears, and caribou. unfortunately there were no arctic fox or caribou around to put on a show for us. The caribou moved through the area about a month before we got there and the arctic fox are pretty illusive in general. We were pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of red fox both in the red and cross color phase. That will be a later post. This post is about the polar bears. Many people think that they are vicious and dangerous animals but as far as I can tell they are comparable to a black bear. A black bear is really nothing to fear. It’s more like an overgrown raccoon. The last person to be killed by a polar bear in Churchill or around was 1983 and in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) in the last two years we lost four people to grizzly. And it is not because of animal population numbers. In the GYE there are about 1,000 grizzly and there are 900-1200 polar bears that pass in or around the small ocean side town of Churchill as they move from their summer to winter range. We went at the time when they were beginning their migration out to the ice sheets. Each day we saw about half a dozen polar bears. We were lucky enough to have one come right up to the car and it even jumped up on our rental to check out if we had any food for him. Of course we did not but someone must have been feeding him based on his behavior. He grabbed the door handle and tried to open the door on my friends vehicle right in front of me and my buddy Mike. Here are some of the bear shots I took on that trip. Enjoy!

  1. Wow Seth. What an exciting trip and you have some great photos.

  2. Seth… Amazing pictures!! I bet you had a great time