Worst Thing About Travel

site-5642The worst thing about travel is the travel… the time between adventures and experiences. All the seat time is definitely the worst part of it all. Interesting things can been seen while in route but when driving in a snowstorm or a downpour like what has been going on here out west over the last few days. It’s not that exciting. I have been fortunate enough to have a couple breaks in the weather to enjoy some great site like Massacre Rocks State park which I snuck into from a rest station off the interstate, or Shoshone Falls, a beautiful waterfall along the Snake River, of the gorgeous Glenn Canyon here in Oregon along the Columbia River which the Snake drains into. There really have not been many brown signs (interesting sights) that I have skipped if they were off I-84. From fish hatcheries to waterfalls I have stopped at them all. Usually quick stops but sometimes longer hikes were the result. Most people would cringe if they saw what my cameras have already been through just 48 hours into a month long road trip of Americas West! The weather sealing will definitely be tested.

The plan it to hang here in Oregon to visit my buddy Rip Caswell, a fantastic sculptor who went to Churchill photographing polar bears with me. After that I am heading south to visit my good buddy John who I haven’t seen since he started LanguageConvo, an on line spanish course one on one with a Latin American instructor, because it is taking up all of his time. From there I am going south. That’s all I know. Redwood forest would be a pretty awesome park to spend some time and Yosemite waterfalls would be nice to photograph with the snow but nothing in set in stone. The Subaru is showing sings of letting me down so that might be an adventure in itself getting her back in working condition.

The longest stretch of National Park-less land is behind me and from here out hopefully the days will consist of 150 or less driving miles per day verses the 400 or so I have been doing the last couple. It is awful spending that much time in the drivers seat. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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