Fly Fishing Escapades

fishMost fishermen would say I was crazy for not taking advantage of the best trout rivers in the world. Well I finally changed that this year. After a poor attempt at fly fishing last year, I was a little discouraged but gave it a go again this year and had a blast. I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing so I headed over to Dornans in Moose, Wy to get some information on what to be using and they hooked it up. I bought my resident licenses, about 8 flies, and picked up a 2013 issue of the Wyoming Fishing Regulations and headed out to catch dinner.
Time was limited because I had a half day tour in the afternoon but still wanted to get out for a few hours. After a late start, about 9:30am, I was on the water behind the Gros Ventre Campground. Needless to say, my casting abilities were sub par but the fish did not seem to mind. I landed a nice little 10 inch Cutthroat Trout right off the bat. I took a photo and the released it. As soon as it started to swim off I was mad at myself for not making it dinner. If the next one was decent size it would be. It was a dandy, at least a 14 incher. I pulled it up on shore, removed the hook and while I was taking a photo it jumped out of my hand and flopped down to the river. I caught a few more small fish that I let go but then got a hard hit. I was determined to eat this one. As soon as I got it to shore I grabbed a baseball sized river rock and smacked it on the head. I thought, “this one is not going to get away.” Unfortunately it was a little small but it still ate well. The next one was about a 15 incher. After a hit to the head it was to be dinner as well.
After two hours and 10 or so fish later I decided I liked the whole trout fishing thing but I had to go home and get them cleaned up and marinating. I cleaned them in the river and returned home. Some crushed up cherries and pomegranate juice is what I soaked them in for a few hours while I was at work. I did not get home until about 11 and cooked them in a pan on the stove… Delicious.

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