web-3813 Today has to be one of the most memorable and most exciting mornings I have had out here in the Tetons. This summer has been ridiculously busy with work, which means on my few and far between days off, I have been sleeping in doing laundry and having no social life. That is okay though because I will be traveling for the next 6+ months so I need to bank all the cash I can. Anyways, today was badass. It is pretty much impossible to explain or show in photos how exciting of a morning it was but I am going to try.

It all started with me not being able to sleep because of some antibiotics I am on for a sinus infection that moved into my eye from neglecting it all summer. Oops. I decided to get up and see what I could round up for the day and I headed a few miles down the road from my trailer when the sky broke loose. I stomped on the gas, flew into a pullout, scrambled for my camera, tripod, and gear and began taking shots as fast as I could. It was an amazing sunrise, best I have seen in a long, long time. I wanted to rush down to the Moulton Barn for some shots but got distracted by a large heard of bison. I remembered an awesome shot my friend Tom Mangelsen had taken last fall of some moose at sunset and thought I would try for a similar effect with the bison. I hung out with them for over an hour getting stills and a time-lapse which I hope to post soon. I was not quite done with the bison but a rainbow started to appear to the south. I threw my gear into my truck and raced down to the Moulton Barn to capture the images that follow. When I got to the barn it was a DOUBLE RAINBOW and all I could think about was getting the shot, and that goofy youtube video of the guy crying over the double rainbow. I had no time to cry, I had to get to work. I have been waiting three years for this particular phenomenon to transpire and today was my lucky day!







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