My name is Seth Heeter and I have been traveling, working and blogging since graduating college in May of 2010.

When I graduated from college, the adventure started and has continued ever since. I was thinking about driving to all the National Parks in the United States, backpacking and living out of the back of my truck. Then I decided that I wanted to go out of the country to work so I looked in to scuba diving instruction school’s and found one I was going to sign up for so I could teach somewhere tropical. But then I went to Nicaragua for a composition class and my plan changed again. I decided that I wanted to go to Latin America to learn Spanish and travel throughout. I signed up for a Latin America class my last semester of college and then called my buddy John. He was planing to travel about the same time I was so I said, “Hey John, how bout we start our adventures together and start out in Nicaragua learning Spanish at an immersion class.” He was all for it. I got a one way ticket to California for a two week family vacation and once my family headed home, John, who had worked in California for a year, and I drove across the country. Our final destination by car was South Carolina where John’s family lives. Then it was a one way to Nicaragua and I have been traveling ever since.

I have a degree in both Geography and Environmental Studies but now I am a corporate sellout with a title of Sales Engineer. After getting that degree, I wanted to learn about the people, cultures, climates, and landscapes I had spent 5 years of college studying. It took me five years because I started out in engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering. It was a great school and I found most of the stuff interesting but I knew sitting behind a desk, crunching numbers was not something I wanted to do at that time. After a year and a half I transferred to University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and thought I wanted to do business so I took a business class along with a geography class my first semester. Hated the business part but could not get enough of the geography. Eventually I figured out that it would not be too difficult to get a Environmental Studies degree because many of the classes overlapped with my Geography degree. So I had to do it and the rest was history.

Random Facts:

  • I am an Eagle Scout
  • I started a auto detailing business when I was 18
  • I am scuba certified
  • I like having a plan so this adventure is going to great to loosen me up a little. I am really looking forward to taking things as they come and not worrying about anything. Hakuna Matata is the new me.
  • Jack Daniels is NOT my friend!

I have been all over Latin America, lived in Vail Colorado, bread flacons in Iowa, lived in Grand Teton National Park for 4 years. guiding wildlife and photography tours in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Now I am in Wisconsin working behind the desk I so desperately tried to avoid. Weekends are spent all over the place chasing the things I can’t get enough of… Sunsets, Sunrises, Auroras, Landscapes, Wildlife, Adventure, and the Unknown…

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  1. Sounds freaking awesome Seth! I can’t wait to read about your wild and crazy adventures.

  2. This sounds amazing! It’s really going to be an adventure. I don’t know you too well yet, and I’m sad that I won’t be able to get to know you better! It’s really a shame we didn’t meet until our last semester, but now that I know about this I will at least be able to follow your badass adventures! GOOD LUCK, and please BE SAFE!

  3. sounds so coooooooooooooooooool. You are The Man !! so brave..
    you should explore some of Asian countries, as well. They are as beautiful as America.
    Good luck with everything and Be safe until I see you. Miss you so much

  4. Howdy — this is Jacob; sat next to you on the plane from KCMO to SFO and dug your card out of my wallet so I could click on your ads and get you a little funding for that hell of an adventure we were talkin’ about. Made it to Yosemite for a few days this week — I seriously wish I’d had more time with those sequoias. Keep it cool, that trip’s going to be awesome.

  5. Hey Seth, I hope your doing well! Keep up the good travels and I’m sure your having a blast. Stay safe and live it up.

  6. Hey Seth! Was great meeting you and finding out about your blog. Keep it up! Please contact me when you are back on the organic farm in Nicaragua. I’d to support on one of the projects (if possible) or just pick coffee beans :) Let me know and good luck on your travels!

  7. Pretty Slick stuff dude

  8. jamie\tim laona trip intro-ed me to your site follow your dreams nows the time g_pa @ I did the u.s. backinthe 70s witha car @tent—slowed down in the 90s wouldnt trade the memories EVER the Lord be with you keep your guardian angel onthat shoulder